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We are Brian and Gabi Kinney. Our little family consists of the two of us and our two small dogs, Shorty and Lily. Our backgrounds are in small businesses involving photography, gardening and construction. We enjoy growing, making and preserving our own food. We’ve been DIYers for several years, at times to satisfy curiosity (can we do it?), but often out of necessity.

We love to learn new skills and we enjoy sharing that learning with others. As small business owners, we’ve encountered many people in our community who’ve poured their energy and heart into crafting, creating and perfecting their product(s), whether it be kombucha, soaps or beer. We’ve come to admire these people and seek to learn from them, to understand their process and discover what drives them. In turn, we hope to gain valuable life skills that will allow us to become self-sustaining, to depend less on the commercial world of large corporations and share what we’ve learned with you.

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We want to return to a time of local craftsmen providing services for members in the community, not some faceless corporation far away. We want to enable people to create for themselves and their families. 

Like growing your own food in an urban apartment. Baking a fresh loaf of your own sourdough for dinner. Sharing a bottle of wine with your friends that you picked, fermented and bottled. These are the small things that you can do to take you away from the consumer-driven economy, create something wonderful and share it with friends and family.

Join our Journeyman’s waltz through some of the most exciting ways craftsmen and food producers all over the world are changing their communities.

Why “Modern Journeymen”?

When we were trying to come up with a name for this blog, we went through what felt like hundreds of ideas over the course of several weeks. We wanted something that would cover all aspects of what we plan to do; a sort of mashup of homesteading, traveling & apprenticing.

We came across the term “journeyman” (thanks Mr. English) and when we learned the meaning of the term, it seemed to fit everything we hope to accomplish here.

A journeyman is a skilled worker who apprentices with other craftsmen on a day by day basis, building their trade and craft.

The term, much like the skills we want to learn and share, has fallen out of everyday use. This made it even more appealing as a title since we are attempting a kind of resurgence of forgotten knowledge.

While doing some research on journeymen, we came across the term “Modern Journeyman”. It is used to describe life’s process of continual learning, or “life-long learning”, “up-skilling” and “modern apprenticeships”. Perfect, right?

We are the journeymen and if you follow along with us, you will be journeymen too.

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