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A New Brand From The Modern Journeymen

The Modern Journeymen are excited to announce our brand new line of simple, quality products for fermenters, homesteaders, crafters and artisans!

About Wildcraft Culture

In the few years that we’ve been doing what we do, we’ve discovered a culture of creative and self-sufficient people who have a need for uncomplicated, efficient tools.

In our own search, we've had some difficulty finding good quality products that work the way we want them to.

We decided to start designing a range of tools to fill that need, whether it be for fermentation, crafting, or just plan ol' homesteading.

Tools that make creating & crafting easier for the beginner, but are also dependable and durable enough for everyday use to give you more consistent quality through all your batches.

With Wildcraft Culture, each product is tested personally by us for durability and ease of use.

As always, we want to share knowledge and teach those of you who are just getting started and provide expert resources for those who are past the basics.

Therefore, we will regularly post training videos, inspirational content and recipes for all of our products.

We enjoy the variety of ferments we get by doing small batches in mason jars. Instead of the standard crocks and larger vessels, we enjoy making pint, quart, and half gallon batches of our ferments.

But we weren't happy with the tools available and wanted something better.

So, for our first product, we wanted to create a tool that would make fermenting in jars less intimidating and a little more foolproof...



Fermenting Weights

Easy Grip Handle

Our innovative design comes with a large glass handle for easy placement and removal into wide mouth mason jars.

Smooth Flat Bottom

Ensures even pressure on your ingredients and prevents air bubbles forming below the weight.

Non-porous & Lead Free

Weights are made of lead-free solid glass, making them easy to clean and will not take on any odors or colors, even with everyday use.

Reduces Infections

Helps keep the nasties away (mold, fungus, etc.), by ensuring that your veggies stay beneath the brine in an anaerobic environment.

Silicone Airlocks

Waterless Airlocks

Unlike traditional airlocks, ours require no liquid or pumps to function properly.

Automatically Vents

Prevents oxygen from entering the jar but allows CO2 gas to escape through a small slit.

Food Grade Silicone

Made from food grade silicone, there is no worry about it coming in contact with your ferment.

Low Profile Design

Easily store your ferments in tighter spaces, such as a shelf or in a cabinet.

Guides, Recipes and Support

Just started fermenting? We're here to help. We'll regularly post new recipe ideas and fermenting guides on the site. And feel free to reach out with any specific questions.

Everything is Dishwasher Safe

No time to hand wash? No problem! Our lids and airlocks are made tough. Just toss in the dishwasher with other plates and glassware.

Comes with 4 Different Airlock Colors

Easily identify your ferments with different airlock colors. Included in every set is one of each: Red, Blue, Green & Purple

Raw Cocoa Beans
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